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Flights to Uruguay

Punta del Este beach

Searching for cheap flights to Uruguay? Look no further than With competitive flight rates and a number of flight schedules to Uruguay, you could be on your way to enjoy a dream vacation in Uruguay in no time.

Uruguay is teeming with stunning attractions, natural beauty and both thrilling and relaxing activities - so it's no wonder so many holidaymakers are embarking on vacations to Uruguay. Arrange your flights to Uruguay with today and experience the biggest splendors of South America's second-smallest country.

Punta del Este beach

Traveling in Uruguay

Nestled between Argentina to the west and Brazil to the north, Uruguay offers vacationers its own distinctive culture, as well as one influenced by its lively neighbouring countries.

The name Uruguay means 'river of the colourful birds' - so it's no surprise that one of the country's most prominent offerings includes birdwatching. Rocha is a particularly popular birdwatching spot in Uruguay and also offers superb opportunities to go horse riding.

Uruguay's largest cities, including the capital of Montevideo, offer an array of attractions and activities for holidaymakers to enjoy - from museums to architectural splendors. Moreover, with a South Atlantic Ocean coastline, holidaymakers in Uruguay can enjoy stunning beaches such as Punta del Diablo, Fortaleza de Santa Teresa and Cabo Polonio.

So whether you're anticipating the excitement of Uruguay's cultural attractions or are simply looking forward to relaxing over some Yerba Mate, you can count on to get you there. Book your flights to Uruguay today, and experience the excitement of one of South America's most charming countries.

Punta del Este Playa Brava Montevideo
Punta del Este Playa Brava Montevideo

Places of interest in Uruguay

This fishing village along Uruguay's south eastern region boasts a bohemian feel, superb beaches and outstanding surfing - a perfect destination in which to relax during a vacation.
A colonial town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay features charming cobbled streets and beautiful architecture. The town's main attraction is its historic center, housing nine small museums and a lighthouse from which you can see most of the city.
This beach resort town in Uruguay features casinos, yachts and famous beaches, such as "La playa de los Dedos" (The finger beach"). Don't miss out on one of the region's famous sunsets, preferably over a delicious plate of seafood.

With so many fantastic holiday activities in Uruguay, why wait? Book your flights to Uruguay and experience the many wonders of this amazing South American country.