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Flights to Easter Island

The Moai at Easter Island

One of the most isolated islands in the world, Easter Island - located roughly halfway to Tahiti - offers visitors an array of treasures to explore. From the famous Moai to beautiful beaches and caves, Easter Island is the place to travel to if you're looking for a unique vacation!

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The Moai at Easter Island

Traveling in Easter Island

Most famous for the Moai - giant stone busts that were carved centuries ago - Easter Island, Chile also offers travellers an enigmatic holiday experience by way of fascinating cave systems, hidden beaches, and simply stunning scenery. Visit this remote island in the South Pacific, and you'll see that it's well worth the trip!

Easter Island's cave network is extensive and well worth exploring. Visitors will be able to find both 'official' and 'unofficial' caves on the island, many of which are situated near Ana Kakenga. Explore these caves as part of a tour, or on your own - but remember to practice caution and carry a torch, as some of the caves fall deep and can be slippery on the edges!

Easter Island also features two white sand beaches: Anakena on the north side, as well as an un-named, hidden gem along the southern shore of the island (near Ahu Vaihu). Visitors can scuba dive near the islets Motu Nui and Moti Iti, located about 1 km south of Easter Island. It's also possible to rent gear or join a guided snorkelling tour on Easter Island.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Easter Island is very small, making it simple to get around. You can rent a car, or opt to travel by dirtbike, bike or horse.

Anakena beach The Moai Easter Island, Chile
Anakena beach The Moai Easter Island


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this national park on Easter Island offer stunning views of diverse natural surroundings.
Easter Island is most famous for these archaeological features, giant stone busts carved centuries ago. They can be found all along the coast of the island and are free to see!
This 300-foot volcano remnant on Easter Island provided the stones from which the Moai are made. Visitors can also see various stages of Moai carvings in partially finished figures.

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