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Flights to Ushuaia

Ushuaia: At the end of the world

A flight to Ushuaia could be the beginning of a vacation you will never forget. Situated in Argentina in a bay on the southern coast of Tierra del Fuego and shielded by the Martial mountains, Ushuaia is surrounded by extravagant displays of nature that will amaze you on your visit.

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Ushuaia: At the end of the world

Traveling in Ushuaia

The city of Ushuaia is the largest in Tierra del Fuego, meaning there's always plenty going on. For holidaymakers wishing to make the most of the gorgeous natural surroundings, take a Catamaran trip around the Beagle Channel for majestic views of Ushuaia's mountains and wildlife - including penguins, sea lions and cormorants.

You can also visit Ushuaia's Tierra del Fuego National Park which is packed with marked hiking trails, or discover more of the Beagle Channel by hiring a kayak.

You certainly won't want to miss out on Ushuaia's excellent local cuisine. With many spectacular seafood restaurants offering the freshest dishes, as well as tapas bars and a myriad of local specialties, you'll never be short of delicious culinary options while traveling in Ushuaia.

As well as excellent dining opportunities, there are also plenty of great pubs and clubs for those who want to experience the energetic Ushuaia nightlife.

Whether you prefer spending time hiking the mountains and revelling in the serenity of nature or dancing the night away with great music and exciting company, a vacation in Ushuaia will not disappoint!

Ushuaia Panoramic view Tierra del Fuego Park
Ushuaia Panoramic view Tierra del Fuego Park


A museum with a difference, the Museo Marítimo is an old prison adorned with various Ushuaia artefacts and exhibits. Observe various prison-cell displays that show the history of Tierra del Fuego in this characteristic museum.
A fascinating museum explores the ancient indigenous Ushuaia Yamaná culture and investigates the traditions and customs of the culture in depth.
One of Ushuaia's biggest attractions is the incredible Glacier Martial. Hike up the zigzag path to appreciate a stunning view of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel. During winter, a ski slope is open so you can enjoy a speedy descent!
Ushuaia's 63,000-hectare national park stretches from the Beagle Cannel to beyond Lago Fagnano in the north. The parts of the park that are open to the public are filled with walks through its idyllic scenery: perfect for anybody wishing to experience some of Ushuaia's local wildlife.