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Flights to Cordoba

Cordoba's Cathedral

As the second largest city in Argentina, Cordoba has delighted travelers to South America for centuries with its staggering colonial architecture and close proximity to the Andes.

Our flights to Cordoba will transport you to this bustling city, from where you'll be able to explore all the delights of central Argentina. Step off one of our flights to Cordoba and you'll instantly appreciate the stunning vistas that this area of the continent has to offer. So whatever you're planning to see here, start thinking about booking a flight to Cordoba with today.

Cordoba's Cathedral

Traveling in Cordoba

700km north-west of Argentina's capital of Buenos Aires, Cordoba is home to two million people and features some of the country's best preserved colonial buildings. Survey the 17th century buildings of the Jesuit Block or take a stroll in the San Martin Park, at the centre of Cordoba.

In 2006, Cordoba was named Cultural Capital of the Americas, so you can be certain that a host of cultural attractions adorn the city - from its seven universities to its eclectic art galleries. What's more, Cordoba's central location provides an ideal base in Argentina if you're planning to spend your vacation trekking through the Andes or exploring the wonders of the Pampas.

Carlos Paz Parque Sarmiento Cordoba
Carlos Paz Parque Sarmiento Cordoba

Places of interest in Cordoba

home to Cordoba's most impressive 17th century colonial buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. A must see for all travelers in Argentina!
Dating back to 1577, this is Cordoba's lively central square and the ideal place to survey its lively atmosphere, flanked by the white arcade of the Cabildo (the restored colonial town hall) in the background.
One of the most important historical museums in Argentina, travelers in Cordoba will be awed by this diverse collection of artefacts and the beautiful building in which they are housed.
founded in 1613, this institution is Argentina's oldest university and well worth a visit while you're in Cordoba. Guided tours are conducted during the academic year, so you'll be able to see Cordoba's student population in action.