LAN Airlines doubled the number of in-flight movies and now offer the widest selection of entertainment on flights to and from South America

Santiago, April 24, 2013.- In 2013, LAN improved their selection of in-flight entertainment available on their long-haul flights on its Boeing 767, Boeing 787 and Airbus A340 fleet-, increasing the number of movies from 45 to 110, consolidating its position as the airline group with the widest range of in-flight entertainment in South America.  
The 110 movies now offered onboard LAN flights include 12 new features  every month, 8 movies recommended in recent months, 10 of the best Latin American films, plus 90 of the best movies of all time. 

In addition to movies, the entertainment system offers three complete seasons of television series updated every six months, 42 TV channels, over 1000 music CDs (10 new CDs each month), 10 exclusive audio channels and 25 games, that allow passengers to play alone or with other passengers. 

"Several studies that we conduct every week indicate that what passengers value the most are movies, especially new releases. For this reason we invested in increasing considerably our in-flight selection, which now puts us well above other airlines in the region and in the top ten worldwide. We have chosen the best television series for our frequent flyers, such as the popular The Newsroom, whose 3rd season is complete on board”, said Fernanda Toro, Travel Experience Manager LAN. 

A good selection criterion is key in meeting passengers’ expectations, said Toro. “"We are pleased with our current selection. Proof of this is that eight of the movies available on LAN flights were nominated for Oscars in 2013, including "Silver Linings Playbook", "Life of Pi", "Les Miserables", "Argo" and "Amour"

The person who advises LAN in selecting their content is the prominent journalist and movie critic Ernesto Ayala, who has been selecting movies for the company for four years.  

Ayala said that the movie selection for LAN passengers focuses on quality combined with the variety of selection. "Our main concern is to achieve a mixture of movies that combine two criteria: quality and diversity, in the smartest way possible. We are interested in attractive releases for every passenger and that these movies be of the highest quality. Thus, each month we offer the best comedies, dramas, romantic movies, action movies and independent films." 

New in-flight entertainment system

It is worth mentioning that in 2012 LAN Airlines implemented a new entertainment system on board the new cabins for its Boeing 767 and 787 models. The main new feature of the new LAN in-flight entertainment system are higher definition screens and the new generation of 100% touch screen technology (9-inch for Economy Class and 15.4-inch for Premium Business Class).

For convenience, all cabins on the above-mentioned fleet have a universal connection to charge computers, cell phones, iPods, tablets or other electronic items.