• Children and babies on board

    Children can also fly with LAN. They can travel alone or accompanied by an adult.

    Children traveling with an adult

    Children can travel accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18 years old). There is no limit on the number of minors per adult, however, the child’s age may involve specific terms which are detailed below:

    If minors are:
    •    Between 2 and 11 years old: They must travel with an adult in the same cabin of the aircraft.
    •    Between 12 and 17 years old: They may travel without an adult.

    If the child is traveling alone, check the specific terms.


    On international flights, all minors, whether traveling alone or accompanied, must carry with them their birth certificate or family record book.

    Are you traveling with a newborn?

    If your child is between 1 and 7 days old, he or she will require medical certification in order to fly.

    Are you traveling with a child aged under two?

    Each adult can share his or her seat with a baby, paying a percentage of the fare plus boarding fees and taxes. For domestic flights within Chile*, you pay only boarding fees and taxes.

    *Except Eastern Island

    • If you are traveling with two babies, you will need an additional seat for their safety and must pay the fare for one child.
    • If the baby is traveling with an assigned seat, he or she will require a seat that is certified for use on an airplane or an ACSD safety device. Both of these items must be provided by the passenger.
    • Babies and children travelling in Premium Business pay the adult fare.

    If your baby turns 2 years old during your trip, you can:

    • Reserve a child seat for both flights (outbound and inbound), or
    • On the outbound flight your baby can travel with you, sharing your seat, and for the return you can reserve a child seat.


    • Your baby may be safer and more comfortable in a bassinet.
    • To be eligible for this service, your baby must not weigh more than 10 kg and must be less than 71 cm long.
    • Available only for passengers traveling on Economy class.
    • This service is offered on the Boeing 767 and the Boeing 787. We have available one bassinet for each of our Boeing 767 and 2 bassinet for each of our Boeing 787.
    • Request it up to 48 hours before your flight with our Contact Center or at any LAN Sales Office.
    • The adult will be assigned a front row seat for comfort with the bassinet.
    • This service is also offered by TAM, which means that you can fly with both airlines in the same trip.
    • The passenger traveling with the baby and one companion on the same reservation will have the right to be assigned bassinet seats in the front rows of the aircraft (if there is no companion, only one passenger will be assigned this type of seat). Other people on the same reservation will be assigned seats in line with the terms and conditions of the fare paid.
    • The service must be paid for directly at LAN Sales Offices. If this is not possible, or if there is no sales office in the country where the trip begins, the charge will be levied directly at the airport when boarding the LAN and/or TAM flight.

    Point of departure Destination Price1
    South America North America USD 140
    South America Europe USD 140
    South America Oceania2 USD 140
    South America South America3 USD 45
    South America Caribbean USD 140

    1 Does not include sales tax in those countries where it applies.
    LAN Comodoro and Black members and TAM Black and Vermelho Plus members are exempt from the charge.
    2 Includes the route between Santiago de Chile-Papeete.
    3 This includes routes between Santiago-Easter Island, Madrid-Frankfurt and between Sydney-Auckland.

    Food for children

    On international routes, LAN offers alternatives for your child. You can request this service from our Contact Center at least 24 hours before your flight. This service is not available on routes that only offer snacks (domestic flights or flights within South America), or for children aged under 2 years.

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