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    Check-in y selección de asiento

    Check-in and seat selection

    Why turn on your computer or wait in line at the airport to Check-in for your flight? Choose your seat quickly and save your boarding passes on your mobile phone.

    My Trips

    Save your flight information months in advance and manage the details as the travel date approaches.

    Mis viajes
    Estado de vuelo

    Flight Status

    Check the status of your flights from your iPhone, with searches by city or flight number, and access updated information on arrivals and departures, terminals and airports.

    No more paper with Electronic Boarding Pass

    Keep your and your companion's boarding passes in Passbook, a virtual wallet that you can use to board the plane.

    Estado de cuenta LANPASS

    LANPASS Account Statement

    Check your accumulated kilometers, find out about all the benefits of your LANPASS category and get your virtual member card.

    Accesos rápidos