Web Check-in

Complete your Check-in on LAN.com

Save time, select your seat, and get your boarding pass. Once at the airport, if you are traveling with carry-on baggage only, go directly to your boarding gate.

Are you traveling with suitcases? Drop them off at the LAN counters indicated by the phrase "Entrega de equipaje / Bag Drop" at the airport.

  • Cancelling your Check-in

    If you need to change or return your ticket, you must cancel your Check-in

    How do you cancel your Check-in?

    Go to the Check-in Cancellation service and search for your flight using one of the following options:

    1. By using the reservation code and the passenger´s last name.
    2. By entering information from your identification document and your last name.

    Cancel your Check-in

    Keep in mind that:

    • You may only cancel your Check-in online between 48 and 2 hours prior to the departure of your flight.
    • If you want to cancel your reservation entirely and the terms and conditions of your ticket permit it, you may request to return your ticket through LAN.com, our Contact Center or our sales offices.

    Do you want to cancel a group Check-in?

    If you are the group leader, you may cancel the Check-in between 48 and 2 hours prior to the departure of the flight, only if you completed the group Check-in on our website.