Políticas de Equipaje

Baggage Info

When travelling, check the information you should know to transport your baggage.

  • All baggage transported both in the hold (checked baggage) and the cabin of the aircraft is inspected at each airport for the safety of all passengers.

    Absolutely prohibited

    Absolutely prohibited

    The transport of dangerous goods as carry-on or checked baggage is absolutely prohibited since they are articles which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. If you fail to declare these articles, you are violating civil aviation regulations. If you are in any doubt, please review all the exceptions for carrying special items of baggage.

    Important: For trips to or through the United States, the carrying of lighters is also prohibited. See additional information*.

    Electric skateboards not permitted on the aircraft

    In order to ensure the saftey of our flight, it is prohibited to bring electric skateboards (hoverboards, solo wheels, airwheels, mini-segway, balance wheel) with ion-lithium batteries onto the aircraft. This applies to both hand luggage and checked in hold luggage.

    Absolutely prohibited

    Not permitted in carry-on bags

    Firearms, sharp objects, liquids, gel and aerosols may only be transported in the aircraft's hold.
    In order to comply with this regulation, the carry-on baggage inspection process differs from airport to airport. In some cases it is carried out by the local authority (security checkpoint at departure lounges) otherwise it is done by our company's security personnel at the departure gate of the flight.

    Absolutely prohibited

    Firearms and sharp objects

    Refers to any items used for cutting, metal files and nail clippers, needles or knitting needles, tools, among others.
    You may transport Firearms as checked baggage provided they are declared and not loaded. Failure to do so is a violation of civil aviation regulations.

    Passengers travelling with firearms on itineraries that involve other companies should contact each airline to find out about their conditions and regulations for the transport of firearms. Being able to take your firearm on a LAN-operated flight does not guarantee that you will be able to take it on a subsequent flight operated by another company.

    The transport of firearms is not allowed on inter-airline trips involving American Airlines, due to this company’s restrictions.


    Firearms and sharp objects

    Liquids, gel and aerosols

    Some governments have established rules for the transport of liquids, gels and aerosols in carry-on bags.
    Aerosols or containers with liquids (such as perfumes), gel, alcohol, creams or products with a similar consistency (such as stick deodorants, lipsticks, toothpaste, etc.) are not allowed.

    Liquids, gel and aerosols

    You can transport this type of product in a clear bag, no larger than 1 quart, with an opening and closing system that permits the verification of its contents, provided the containers do not exceed 3.4 oz each.

    Important: Each passenger may carry one bag maximum and containers larger than 100 ml are not allowed, even if they are partially full.

    As an exception, the transport of:

    • Medication: in this case a prescription certifying use by the passenger during the flight may be requested.
    • Baby food: provided that you are travelling with infants.
    • Dietetic food: provided that it is for use during the flight and that the amount is commensurate with the duration of the trip. You may be requested to prove its authenticity.
    Liquids, gel and aerosols

    Are Duty Free purchases allowed?

    For flights that involve layovers, articles can only be purchased at the last airport or onboard during the last leg before entering the country with restrictions.

    For flights with connections in Europe and the U.S.A., purchases at departing airports or on board are allowed during any leg, as long as the salesperson, when you make the purchase, gives you the articles and receipt in a transparent, sealed security bag with a serial number.

    In addition, American authorities only allow the transport of liquids over 100ml in transparent, translucent or tinted containers; metallic or opaque ones are forbidden.

    Exceptions: In some countries, Duty Free purchases at the airport are only permitted if they are delivered to the passenger at the door of the aircraft. We suggest that you ask before making your purchase.

    On which routes does LAN apply this rule?


    If you embark from...

    If you are travelling with a final destination at... If you are travelling via (connection or in transit through)...
    USA ticket ticket ticket
    Dominican Republic ticket
    Mexico ticket   ticket
    Australia ticket ticket ticket
    New Zealand ticket ticket ticket
    Europe ticket ticket
    Uruguay ticket ticket
    Chile ticket ticket

    (only international flights)

    ticket ticket ticket
    Brazil ticket ticket
    Colombia ticket ticket

    (only international flights)

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    ** Important: In these cases ticket the restriction only affects Flights LA530 and LA600 (Route: Santiago/Lima/USA).