LAN reports on flights affected by the Puyehue Volcano ash cloud

Tuesday, october 18th, 2011. Information updated at 08:00 hrs - local time, Santiago, Chile

Note: If information provided here has not been modified since the last update, this is because there are no new occurrences to report. 

Due to the movement of ash from the Cordon Caulle mountain range, the company is constantly monitoring events and updating the status of affected flights.

LAN hereby confirms its commitment to uphold the highest standards in matters of safety and apologizes for any inconvenience these matters, beyond the company’s control, may cause its passengers.

In addition, LAN will inform passengers whose flights are cancelled and will further protect their travel in subsequent flights once operations are reinstated.

For permanent updates on cancelled and special flights, passengers are requested to check this link:

For the latest information of your flight we suggest you review our Flight status service before heading to the airport.

Check your flight´s status

To respond to all the clients whose flights have been affected more efficiently, the company has implemented a new Reschedule your flight tool, so that those passengers who need to change their itinerary and find out about the status of their flights can do so directly through this platform.

Reschedule your flight

The company is providing all possible commercial assistance in this situation, which in itself is beyond its control. For this reason, passengers on affected flights may choose from the following alternatives, as long as these changes are requested and processed no more than 30 days after the original travel date:

  • A date change: You may reschedule your trip up to September 14th for international and domestic flights in Chile, for the next LAN flight with space available. On later dates, a fine will not apply, but if there are only higher fares available for the flight you choose, you must pay the difference.
  • A route change: You may change your trip to another LAN destination. No fines apply, but you must pay any differences in fares. See details of current commercial procedures.

Passengers who need to regularize their situation can do so calling our Contact Center, available 24 hours a day. 

  • United States: 1-866- 435 95 26
  • United Kingdom: 0800 977 6100
  • Europe: (44) 800 9776100
  • Argentina: 0810 9999 526
  • Chile: 600 526 2000