LAN informs the status of its flights due to the cloud of volcanic ash

Sunday July 3rd, 2011; information updated at 11:15 local time, Santiago, Chile

Note: If information provided here has not been modified since the last update, this is because there are no new occurrences to report.

LAN reports that for Sunday July 3, the current meteorological conditions are allowing for regular scheduled operations to take place on the route between Santiago and Buenos Aires as well as scheduled flights within Chile with the exception of flights LA 231 and LA 230 between Santiago and Temuco.

Given the persistent ash cloud shift, LAN advises passengers holding tickets for flights departing Monday, July 4 to check their status on-line at LAN.com.

With regards to Oceania, weather conditions permitting, a special flight is scheduled on Sunday, July 3 to Sydney via Papeete. 

LAN is also constantly monitoring these events, and shall inform passengers whose flights are affected – providing them with rebooking options for later flights once operations are resumed.

LAN maintains a firm commitment to upholding the highest standards in matters of safety, and regrets the inconvenience caused to passengers by this situation, which is entirely beyond its control.

To find out about affected flights and special flights, we are asking passengers to check this section, which will be kept permanently updated:


For the latest information of your flight we suggest you review our Flight status service before heading to the airport.

Check your flight´s status

To respond to all the clients whose flights have been affected more efficiently, the company has implemented a new Reschedule your flight tool, so that those passengers who need to change their itinerary and find out about the status of their flights can do so directly through this platform.

Reschedule your flight

The company is providing all possible commercial assistance in this situation, which in itself is beyond its control. For this reason, passengers on affected flights may choose from the following alternatives, as long as these changes are requested and processed no more than 30 days after the original travel date:

  • A date change: You may reschedule your trip up to July 11 for domestic flights and September 14 for international flights, for the next LAN flight with space available. On later dates, a fine will not apply, but if there are only higher fares available for the flight you choose, you must pay the difference.
  • A route change: You may change your trip to another LAN destination. No fines apply, but you must pay any differences in fares.
  • See details of current commercial procedures

Passengers who need to regularize their situation can do so calling our Contact Center, available 24 hours a day. 

  • Chile: 600 526 2000
  • Peru: 213 8200
  • Argentina: 0810 9999 526
  • Australia: 1800 558 129
  • United States: 1-866- 435 95 26
  • Europe: (44) 800 9776100
The company also informs that it has added additional flights to Buenos Aires today to transfer passengers whose flights were cancelled yesterday and who still wish to travel. These passengers are advised to reschedule their flight in any of the ones today to and from Buenos Aires that has space available.