Premium Category

Check the benefits of being a Premium member and also the benefits recognized when traveling with oneworld.

  • How long will my Premium membership last?

    Premium Silver membership, like the other LANPASS Elite categories, has an official duration period of one year. This period begins April 1 of the year following the one in which you met the standard for kilometers earned/flights taken, and lasts until March 31 of the subsequent year. Your Premium membership card will be imprinted with the membership's expiration date.

    You can be a Premium member for much longer than a year!

    Once you have met one of the two standards for qualification, your member category status will change automatically - it will not be necessary to wait until December 31 of that year.

    For example: If, in the period between January and May, you have already earned enough kilometers or traveled enough segments to qualify for PREMIUM membership, you won't have to wait until April 1 of the following year (the official commencement date for the official Premium duration period) to begin receiving benefits. Once you have qualified, you will receive a temporary Premium membership card, which will expire on March 31 the following year. On that date, you will receive your official membership card, which will be valid for a full year.