How to use your kilometers

You can redeem your kms. to fly with LAN or oneworld airlines to more than 800 destinations worldwide. Remember that if you need more KMS. LANPASS, you can always purchase them.

  • LANPASS Upgrade

    An Upgrade allows you to raise the service class of your LAN flight by one level. Remember, you can use upgrades for your travel companions as well!

    From November 1, 2012, the redemption of upgrades using LANPASS KMS. will only be available for LANPASS Elite Comodoro, Premium Silver and Premium category members, who will be able to request these upgrades from 6 months and up to the same day of the flight, subject to availability.

    Redeem an upgrade with your LANPASS kms

    Being an Elite LANPASS member provides you with a unique opportunity to relax by travelling in Premium Business or Premium Economy. If you have the right amount in your account, you can redeem your LANPASS kilometers, even when you’ve paid for a ticket in Economy class.

    Don’t forget that you can redeem an upgrade for one-way or round-trip tickets from any rate group.

    How many kilometers are required?

    Depending on your destination, see how many kilometers you need to redeem your upgrade in the reward redemption table here.

    How can I redeem an upgrade using kms.?

    To redeem your upgrade using kilometers, call our LANPASS Contact Center or go to any LAN office or your travel agency.

    When can I redeem my upgrade using kms.?

    You can redeem your upgrade using kilometers in the 6 months prior to the flight’s departure and subject to availability. It is not possible to request this redemption more than 6 months before.

    Can I redeem kms. for a companion?

    Yes, you can redeem an upgrade using LANPASS KMS. for your travel companion*, with the reward being discounted from the Elite member’s account.
    *The travel companion must be on the same flight on the same date as the Elite member.

    Note: Redeeming an upgrade using kilometers for LAN flights with legs on affiliated airlines requires the issue of an additional document that validates said upgrade. This should be issued at least 72 hours before the date of the flight at any LAN office that can issue this type of document. This document cannot be issued at the airport. Find out which LAN offices are available for you to redeem your upgrade.