Arriendo de vehículos

Earn LANPASS KMS. by renting a car

With these partnerships you will be able to earn LANPASS kilometers everytime you rent a car with one of the following companies. In addition you will have access to special offers and other exclusive benefits available only for LANPASS members.



Earn 400 LANPASS KMS. when renting a car with special fares and 800 kms. with other fares.

  • How to earn kilometers on your LANPASS account

    In order to earn LANPASS KMS. with your rentals, you must provide your LANPASS member number and promotion code number at the rental counter.

    Rental discounts and other benefits

    In addition to helping you earn kilometers, the affiliated rental agencies offer great discounts and exclusive promotions to LANPASS members.

    Check out the discounts and promotions by clicking on the link for each rental agency.

    Terms and conditions

    • A rental is defined as a single car rented for more than one day. It will be not considered as a rental when check-in is 24 hours after check-out in the same participating affiliate location.
    • Only one LANPASS member will accumulate kilometers per rental.
    • Rentals with special fares for the tourism and airlines industry will not earn kilometers.
    • Kilometers apply for certain fares. For more details, please contact the rent-a-car agency directly.
    • You must keep your rent a car receipts until you receive your LANPASS statement.
    • You may credit your LANPASS KMS. earned in the car rental up to 6 months after the end date of the car rental.
    • If you need to have LANPASS KMS. accredited at a date later than that of the rental, the only valid document for doing so is the rental contract. 

    * Please check with each rent a car for fares and special conditions.

    Notes: Rental agencies will generally require that you provide a code number in order to earn kilometers and benefit from their promotional offers. These code numbers appear in the listing (under PROMOTION CODE NUMBER) for each rental agency. Keep your proof of payment until you receive your LANPASS account statement.