Flight information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Comodoro and Premium Silver benefit, available 24 hrs. a day

WIth this service, LAN will resolve any inconvenience related to flights for our Premium Silver and Comodoro passengers.

  • Via www.lan.com/c24 or our Call Center, a team of representatives will be available to offer you information on your flight in an hour or less.

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    How do you use this benefit? It’s easy:

    • Contact us via the LAN Call Center number for the country you’re in. If there is no Contact Center number for your country, call Chile long distance at 56-2-687-2400.
    • Remember that you must provide all relevant information, as it may be necessary for us to contact you in the event that there are questions regarding your request.
    • Outside of office hours, this service - accessible via the site or the Contact Center - will be available in English and Spanish. During business hours, you can receive assistance with regards to flight and / or related ground services in Spanish, English, German or Portuguese.
    • Requests will receive responses if they are received at least two hours prior to the flight’s departure.


    Terms and Conditions:

    • This service only provides responses with respect to your flight, date changes (as permitted by the purchased fare) and itinerary changes.
    • Requests related to stays, transfers and anything unrelated to LAN flights or any of LAN’s associate airlines will not receive responses.
    • We will not make any exceptions that are not permitted by your purchased fare.