• Cabin Upgrade

    Discover the two ways in which you can get a Cabin Upgrade on your international flights: apply with your courtesy coupons or redeem your LANPASS KMS This benefit is exclusive to Elite members.

    Upgrade with coupons on TAM flights

    If you're member of Comodoro Black or Comodoro LANPASS categories, Black or Vermelho Plus TAM Fidelidade categories, you are able to request a Cabin Upgrade from Economy to Premium Business in all international routes marketed by LAN or TAM and operated by TAM. To do this, contact your Preferential Contact Center, where we will give you all the necessary information.

    • Priority is given on the basis of your reservation date.
    • You can Check-in from 72 hours before departure of your flight at TAM.com.
    • As with LAN coupons, the Upgrade will be confirmed to you directly at the departure gate on the day of your flight and will be subject to cabin availability.
    • At the moment, this is not available for your flight companions, but we are working to be able to offer this as soon as possible.


    Check the equivalency between LAN and TAM Elite categories in this table:

    LANPASS Elite Categories
    TAM Fidelidade Elite Categories
    Premium Azul
    Premium Silver Vermelho
    Comodoro Vermelho Plus
    Comodoro Black Black

    Upgrade with coupons on LAN flights

    As a LANPASS Elite member, you can request a Cabin Upgrade on your LAN-operated international commercial flights using courtesy coupons. To do this, you must have bought an Economy-class ticket on a Base Plus, Flexible, or Full Flexible fare1 or have redeemed LANPASS KMS. You can request the upgrade:

    • When you Check-in for your flight on LAN.com, up to 48 hours before departure of your flight; click on the link shown on the page to request a Cabin Upgrade using coupons.
    • If you did not do this at the time, select the Upgrade Request option from the LANPASS menu.
    • If you have any problems, get in touch with our Contact Center.

    Once you have completed your request, you can review your position in the Upgrade List using your booking details (available only on flights operated by LAN). Be aware that your priority will be determined by:

    1. Your Elite membership category.
    2. The time at which you checked in at LAN.com.

    3. It will be confirmed to you directly at the departure gate on the day of your flight and will be subject to cabin availability. Remember that your position in the list may change up to 45 minutes before departure of your flight.

  • How many coupons do I need to request a Cabin Upgrade?

    Check how many coupons you need to request a Cabin Upgrade on each route.

    Number of Coupons
    Within South America 1
    Between South America and the Caribbean / Cancun / Easter Island / Papeete 1
    Other routes (from or to) Colombia / Ecuador / Venezuela
    United States / Mexico
    Colombia / Ecuador / Venezuela Europe 2
    Colombia / Ecuador / Venezuela Oceania 4
    Brazil United States / Mexico
    Europe 3
    Brazil Oceania 4
    Brazil / Paraguay / Bolivia
    United States / Mexico 3
    Brazil / Paraguay / Bolivia Europe 3
    Brazil / Paraguay / Bolivia Oceania 4
    Peru United States / Mexico 2
    Peru Europe 2
    Oceania 4
    Chile / Argentina / Uruguay
    United States / Mexico 3
    Chile / Argentina / Uruguay Europe / Oceania 4
    Other routes whose flight segments are not shown above 1

    1 If you do not have the minimum fare to take advantage of this benefit, you can pay the difference and request that your tickets be reissued before the flight at LAN offices and the Contact Center, subject to your fare terms and conditions and the current availability. If you would like more information about the requirements for requesting a Cabin Upgrade, check our terms and conditions.