Destination guide: Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela and is on the shore of the Caribbean. Strolling through its streets, you can see its beautiful colonial architecture, especially in its historic center.

Fly to Caracas and discover its boulevards, the El Avila National Park, the birthplace of Simon Bolivar, the Miraflores, Municipal and Federal palaces and the village of El Hatillo, which reflects the traditional way of life of the Venezuelan people.

  • Caracas

    Spreading along a high plateau that’s partitioned from the sea by towering green mountains, Caracas is a dense urban fabric – for every modern skyscraper sticking out of a mass of low-rise buildings, there’s a barrio carpeting the hillsides There’s an impressive array of cultural activity, wonderful museums, eclectic cuisine and sunrise-be-damned nightlife.

    Art aficionados will appreciate the enclave of world-class museums around Parque Central, including the world’s most extensive exhibition of Picasso engravings. Foodies will genuflect at the wealth of haute cuisine on offer in suburbs like Altamira and Los Palos Grandes. Night owls will overdose on the eternal pounding pulse of nightlife in Las Mercedes. Nature addicts will thrive amid the steep, wooded slopes of Parque Nacional El Ávila, where miles of walking trails wind through scented forests – all hovering just over the city like an eco-guardian angel.

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