Destination guide: Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este is a city in Uruguay (South America) located on the piece of land that separates the La Plata River from the Atlantic. Exploring it, you’ll find beautiful beaches, among which Mansa and Brava stand out, as well as lagoons such as Sauce, Blanca, Del Diario, Jose Ignacio and Garzon, where you can do different watersports. 

Punta del Este also offers exquisite cuisine and luxury hotels and casinos so that you can enjoy an incredible vacaction. Fly with LAN to Uruguay and remember to visit the La Mano sculpture and the Casa Pueblo building. Both are icons that represent Punta del Este.

  • Punta del Este - Practical Information


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    Nationals of Western Europe, Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand automatically receive a 90-day tourist card, renewable for another 90 days. Other nationals may require visas. For extensions, visit the Dirección Nacional de la Migración ([tel] 02-916-0471; Misiones 1513; [hrs] 9:15am-2:30pm Mon-Fri) in Montevideo, or local offices in border towns.


    Personal belongings, camera gear, laptops, hand-held devices and other travel-related gear can be brought into the country. The export of archaeological items and goods made from rare or endangered animals, such as snake skins, cat pelts and jewelry made with teeth, are prohibited. Avoid carrying plants, seeds, fruits and fresh meat products across borders.

    Business Hour

    Most shops open weekdays and Saturday from 8:30am to 1pm, then close until mid-afternoon and reopen until 7pm or 8pm. Banks are generally open weekday afternoons only. If serving breakfast, restaurants open around 8am. Lunch is generally between noon and 3pm, and dinner is generally not eaten until after 9pm or even as late as midnight in urban areas. Bars may open as early as 6pm, but often remain empty until at least 1am, when everybody finally gets around to going out.

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