Destination guide: Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este is a city in Uruguay (South America) located on the piece of land that separates the La Plata River from the Atlantic. Exploring it, you’ll find beautiful beaches, among which Mansa and Brava stand out, as well as lagoons such as Sauce, Blanca, Del Diario, Jose Ignacio and Garzon, where you can do different watersports. 

Punta del Este also offers exquisite cuisine and luxury hotels and casinos so that you can enjoy an incredible vacaction. Fly with LAN to Uruguay and remember to visit the La Mano sculpture and the Casa Pueblo building. Both are icons that represent Punta del Este.

  • Punta del Este

    OK, here’s the plan: tan it, wax it, buff it at the gym, then plonk it on the beach at ‘Punta.’ Once you’re done there, go out and shake it at one of the town’s famous clubs. Punta del Este – with its many beaches, elegant seaside homes, yacht harbor, high-rise apartment buildings, pricey hotels and glitzy restaurants – is one of South America’s most glamorous resorts. Extremely popular with Argentines and Brazilians.

    Celebrity-watchers have a full-time job here. Punta is teeming with big names, and local gossipmongers keep regular tabs on who’s been sighted where. Surrounding towns caught up in the whole Punta mystique include the famed club zone of La Barra to the east and Punta Ballena to the west.

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