Destination guide: Pucallpa, Peru

Pucallpa is a city in the heart of the low-altitude rainforest in Peru.

Thanks to its exceptional geographical location, it offers visitors exuberant vegetation, ideal for adventure tourism and for spotting wildlife.

Fly to Pucallpa and marvel at the secrets of the Peruvian Amazon.

  • Pucallpa - Things to do


    Agustín Rivas

    Agustín Rivas is a famed local woodcarver whose work graces the lobbies of some of Pucallpa's best hotels and businesses. Ring the bell to enter his house-gallery.

    Sub-Type: Gallery.
    Telephone number: +51 61 57 1834
    Address: Tarapaca 861, city center. Extras: 2nd floor. 

    Parque Natural

    About 4km from the center of Pucallpa, off the airport road, is Parque Natural. This is an Amazon zoo set in lush grounds, with a museum displaying Shipibo pottery and a few other objects, a small children’s playground and a snack bar. Buses heading to the airport can drop you here, or take a mototaxi for about S4.

    Sub-Type: Museum
    Opening Hours: 9am-5pm.
    Pricing: adult/child 5-14 S3/1
    Transportation Type: bus.
    Details: to airport.
    Website: www.parquenaturalpucallpa.com


    Usko-Ayar is the gallery of the visionary local artist Pablo César Amaringo Shuna, whose work and biography can be accessed at www.egallery.com. Other promising Amazonian artists study, work and display here – it’s well worth a visit. Tell drivers it’s near the Iglesia Fray Marcos.

    Sub-Type: Gallery
    Telephone number: +51 61 57 3088.
    Address: Sánchez Cerro 465.
    Website: www.mnba.org.ar