Destination guide: Piura, Peru

Piura is in north-western Peru and the joie de vivre and hospitality of its inhabitants stand out. Piura offers tourists beautiful beach resorts with clear skies and warm water, ideal for surfing, bodyboarding and windsurfing.

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  • Piura

    After several hours of crossing the vast emptiness of the Sechura Desert, Piura materializes like a mirage on the horizon, enveloped in quivering waves of heat. It’s hard to ignore the sense of physical isolation forced on you by this unforgiving environment. Being so far inland, the scorching summer months will have you honing your radar for air-conditioning, as you seek out chilled venues in which to soothe your sweltering skin. But the lovely narrow cobbled streets and charismatic colonial houses of central Piura. Its role as a hub for the spokes of the northern towns means that you’ll probably end up spending some time here sighing in the relief of the occasional afternoon breeze.
    Francisco Pizarro settled the first city in this district in 1532 as he whirred past on his way to trounce the Incas.

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