Destination guide: Miami, United States

Located in south-east Florida, the city of Miami is one of the most visited destinations in the United States, mainly due to its sandy beaches and warm water, which make it ideal for vacations.

Plan your trip to Miami and visit Collins Avenue with its restaurants, shops and hotels, skate down South Beach, discover the beauty of Coral Gables and Bal Harbor and marvel at the city’s Art Deco architecture. Don’t put it off any longer and take advantage of our flight promotions to Miami.

  • Miami Overview

    Here’s how it works: cruise down I-95 from the northeast corridor and at some point, near Richmond, you cross the invisible line separating the North from the South. Now go further, all the way to America’s tip. Here in Miami, the Everglades and the Keys. And the alligators. And the mosquitoes.  And the people, of course.

    What was once a citrus farming town is now a pan-American mosaic, the most Latin city in the world north of Mexico. The impossibly sexy people lining up at a Fort Lauderdale club.

    The shimmering mirage of wealth is what makes this town so fun and fast. ‘The World is Yours’ was the iconic catchphrase of Scarface, a movie that captured the highs and lows of Miami’s hyperextravagant 1980s, and the citizens of this town have taken that motto to heart.

    West of here is the Everglades, possibly the most unique ecosystem in North America, a flooded wetland that feels like nature’s own musty womb. To the north, Fort Lauderdale sips a martini by its yachting fleets. Down south stretch the mangrove islands and sultry sandbars of the Florida Keys, islands of both exile and refuge for those nonconformists who are too out there for even South Florida’s misfit mentality.

    Sounds good? Come on down. The air feels like a silk kiss and the beach smells like lotion. Welcome to Miami. The party started five minutes ago. You gonna dance?

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