Destination guide: Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is a friendly, hospitable and respectful city full of joie de vivre. It is in the middle of a mountainous valley in Colombia with the Andes as a contrast to the colors, flavors and aromas of its streets.

Medellin is the second most important city in this area of South America, after Bogota, the country’s capital and is a place where traditional architecture combines with the modernity of a city that is looking to develop every single day.

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  • Medellin

    Quickly becoming the third most popular city with tourists in Colombia (after Cartagena and Bogota), Medellín packs the punch of a city twice its size. Situated in a narrow valley, the city’s skyline reaches for the heavens, setting high-rise apartment and office buildings against a backdrop of jagged peaks in every direction. Its pleasant climate gives the city its nickname – the City of Eternal Spring – and the moderate temperatures put a spring in the locals’ step, at work and at play.

    It’s a bustling city of industry and commerce, especially textile manufacturing and exported cut flowers. On the weekends Medellin lets its hair down, and the city’s many discos attract the beautiful people.

    True to its paísa roots, Medellin puts on metropolitan airs – the traffic officers wear Italian-style round boxy hats, many discos prefer techno to salsa or vallenato, and the city looks overseas for inspiration for its next great public works project. The popularity of mullet haircuts among the young male inhabitants, however, reveals the city’s true nature – an ambitious country town whose ambition masks a great anxiety about its place in the world.

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