Destination guide: Valdivia, Chile

Initially, the main draw of traveling to Valdivia was the exceptionalnatural beauty of the area. While that beauty still remains, the residents of Valdivia have expanded upon it, enhancing their own culture.

Now, of the main attractions of travelling to Valdivia is the famous "Valdivian Week", a celebration of all things local. This weeklong celebration of the natural beauty of the area is like nothing found elsewhere in Chile. Travel to Valdivia and you will enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience.

  • Valdivia - Things to do


    Castillo de Corral

    In the 17th century, the Spanish heavily fortified the point where the Río Valdivia and the Río Tornagaleones joins the Pacific. Today, the remains of these fortifications at Corral, Niebla and Isla Mancera are a strong reminder of the colonial past. The largest and most intact is the Castillo de Corral, consisting of the Castillo San Sebastián de la Cruz (1645), the gun emplacements of the Batería de la Argolla (1764) and the Batería de la Cortina (1767).

    Sub-Type: Fortress
    Address: Valdivia

    Museo Histórico y Antropológico

    Museo Histórico y Antropológico, housed in a fine riverfront mansion on Isla Teja, is one of Chile’s finest. It features a large, well-labeled collection from pre-Columbian times to the present, with particularly fine displays of Mapuche Indian artifacts and household items from early German settlements. Take the bridge across the Río Valdivia, turn left at the first intersection and walk about 200m; the ­entrance is on the left (east) side.

    Latitude: -39.8134479577343 / Longitude: -73.2507956027985
    Sub-Type: Museum
    Opening Hour: 10am-8pm Dec 15-Mar 15, 10am-6pm Mar 16-Dec 14
    Address: Los Laureles # 47
    Pricing: Admission CH$1300
    Telephone number: (56-63) 212-872

    Parque Saval

    Parque Saval on Isla Teja has a riverside beach and a pleasant trail that follows the shoreline of Laguna de los Lotos, covered with lily pads. It's a good place for bird watching.

    Latitude: -33.4309399267278 / Longitude: -73.2575654983521
    Sub-Type: Bird Watching
    Address: Isla Teja