Destination guide: Valdivia, Chile

Initially, the main draw of traveling to Valdivia was the exceptionalnatural beauty of the area. While that beauty still remains, the residents of Valdivia have expanded upon it, enhancing their own culture.

Now, of the main attractions of travelling to Valdivia is the famous "Valdivian Week", a celebration of all things local. This weeklong celebration of the natural beauty of the area is like nothing found elsewhere in Chile. Travel to Valdivia and you will enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience.

  • Valdivia - Practical Information


    Chilean Peso




    UTC/GMT -4


    Nationals of the US, Canada, Australia and the EU do not need a visa to visit Chile. Passports are obligatory and are essential for cashing traveler's checks, checking into hotels and other routine activities.

    The Chilean government collects a US$132/56/132 'reciprocity' fee from arriving US/Australian/Canadian citizens in response to these governments imposing a similar fee on Chilean citizens applying for visas. The payment applies only to tourists arriving by air in Santiago and is valid for the life of the passport. Payment must be made in cash; exact change necessary. It is advisable to carry your passport: Chile's police can demand identification at any moment, and many hotels require you to show it upon check-in.

    If your passport is lost or stolen, notify the police, ask them for a police statement, and notify your consulate as soon as possible.

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