Destination guide: Temuco, Chile

The city of Temuco is the starting point for several different tourist circuits in the south of Chile, such as the Nielol Hill, ideal for observing the wildlife of Araucania; the Conguillio, Nahuelbuta and Malalcahuello-Nalcas National Parks; Llaima volcano, whose slopes are home to the Las Araucarias ski center; Lake Conguillio; the Malleco viaduct with the highest bridge in Chile and the Pablo Neruda Railway Museum.

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  • Temuco - Things to do


    Cerro Ñielol

    Cerro Ñielol is a hill that sits among some 90 hectares of native forest – a little forested oasis in the city. Chile’s national flower, the copihue (Lapageria rosea), grows here in abundance, flowering from March to July. Cerro Ñielol is also of historical importance, since it was here in 1881, at the tree-shaded site known as La Patagua, that Mapuche leaders ceded land to the colonists to found Temuco. Whether or not the actual papers were signed on the hill is up for debate. The park has picnic sites, a small lagoon, footpaths and an environmental information center. Take bus 1 from the centro to get to the entrance.

    Sub-Type: Hill
    International Number: (56-45) 298 222
    Opening Hours: 8:30am-10:30pm
    Pricing: adult/child CH$1000/500
    Address: Calle Prat

    Museo Regional de La Araucanía

    The Museo Regional de La Araucanía is housed in a handsome frontier-style building dating from 1924, this regional museum has permanent exhibits recounting the history of the Araucanían peoples before, during and since the Spanish invasion. A display on Mapuche resistance to the Spaniards illustrates native weapons, but overlooks the Mapuche's effective guerrilla tactics. There's a good photographic display of early Temuco, including buildings destroyed in the earthquake of 1960. Everything is well presented but labeled in Spanish only. Bus 9 runs from downtown to Av Alemania, but it's also reasonable walking distance.

    Latitude: -38.7372600000000 / Longitude: -72.6031600000000
    Sub-Type: Museum
    International Number: (56-45) 730 006
    Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, 11:00-17:00 Sat, 11:00-13:00 Sun
    Pricing: admission US$1, Sun free
    Address: Av Alemania 084, Town Center

    Feria Libre

    Feria Libre is a colorful Mapuche produce market taking up several blocks along Barros Arana. Along the streets more practical wares are sold, while in the Feria itself vendors hawk everything from apples and artisan cheeses to honey and bags of merquén pepper. There is also a fair amount of vibrant hot peppers, though it’s unclear who buys them, as the cuisine in Chile is far from spicy.

    Latitude: -38.7363184042267 / Longitude: -72.5806510448456
    Sub-Type: Market
    Opening Hours: 8am-5pm
    Address: Barros Arana, Town Center