Destination guide: Puerto Varas, Chile

Located in the southern part of Chile, Puerto Varas offers the most unique and diverse travel experience. Puerto Varas is known for its strong German culture, which extends to almost every corner of the town's culture.

 Traveling to Puerto Varas is ideal for the outdoorsy and adventuresome. You will have easy access to the ski slopes of Osorno Volcano, as well as the other geological attractions found in the Lakes Region. Puerto Varas offers among the most comfortable accommodations in this part of Chile

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    Casa Hitschfeld

    Notable constructions in Puerto Varas include private houses from the early 20th century. Several of these houses serve as hospedajes, including the 1930 Casa Hitschfeld. Ask at the tourist offices for the brochure Paseo Patrimonial, which suggests a walking tour of 10 different houses, or the brochure Monumentos Nacionales.

    Latitude: -41.3148451239816 Longitud:-72.9903960227966
    Sub-Type: Architectural, Cultural
    Address:Arturo Prat 107

    Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

    Puerto Varas’ well-maintained German colonial architecture gives the town a distinctive middle-European ambience. The imposing and colorful 1915 Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón, overlooking downtown from a promontory, is based on the Marienkirche of the Black Forest, Germany.

    Latitude:-41.3203809786253 / Longitude: -72.9860293865204
    Sub-Type: Religious, Spiritual
    Adress: cnr San Francisco & Verbo Divino

    Vicki Johnson

    Anyone who tries the ginger chocolate here would be hard-pressed to argue against this being Chile’s best artisanal chocolate. There is also a wealth of high-end rauli-wood kitchen utensils, jewelry, chutneys, olive oils and other tasty take-home treats.

    Latitude:-41.3170611338774 / Longitude: -72.9832935333252
    Sub-Type: Arts & Crafts
    Opening Hours: 9am-9pm summer
    Address: Santa Rosa 318