Destination guide: Iquique, Chile

Located in the far north of Chile's coast, Iquique is a thriving port city. There are many different industries that flourish here. Iquique is in the heart of Chile's rich mineral country, making it a common destination for mining executives and other staff.

Iquique also offers the opportunity to experience duty free shoppingat Zofri, the commercial port centers. The duty free zone includes common goods, but also restaurants, banks, warehouses, and more, in an area of just under one square mile. 

  • Iquique - Things to do


    Av. Baquedano

    Av Baquedano is the main thoroughfare, and its northern section is an attractive pedestrian mall. A handsomely restored tram (which normally sits outside the theater) occasionally jerks its way down the avenue in the tourist high-season.

    Latitude: -20.2172810010532 / Longitude: -70.1521039009094
    Sub-Type: Shopping Center
    Address: City Center

    Regional Museum

    Iquique’s former courthouse now hosts the catch-all regional museum, which earnestly recreates a traditional adobe altiplano village (complete with mannequins in Aymara dress). The surrounding chambers also have some attention-grabbing exhibits, from animal fetuses floating in formaldehyde to masked Chinchorro mummies and elongated Tiwanaku skulls. Interesting photographs also explore Iquique’s urban beginnings, and a fascinating display dissects the nitrate industry.

    Latitude: -20.2169084912685 / Longitude: -70.1523721218109
    Sub-Type: Museum
    Opening Hour: 10am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Pricing: admission free
    Address: Baquedano 951

    Playa Brava

    Crashing waves and rip currents at scenic Playa Brava make it dangerous for swimming, but there's plenty of space to sunbathe. Toward the hills, look for the massive dunes of Cerro Dragón, which looks like a set for a science-fiction movie. Taxi colectivos run to Playa Brava from downtown - look for the destination on the sign atop the cab. There are scores of sandy beaches further south, but you'll need to rent a car or bike, or take a taxi.

    Latitude: -20.2500583678579 / Longitude: -70.1381456851959
    Sub-Type: Beach
    Address: S of Iquique