Destination guide: Arica, Chile

Located on the northern tip of Chile's coast, Arica, Chile is one of the top resort destinations in the country. The setting is idyllic, with more than 20 km of stunning beaches and luxurious accommodations to escape from the daily grind, to relax and unwind in a beautiful location.

 Arica also offers a lot to see for the more active vacationer.Chungará Lake is among the highest lakes in the world, and is found within the scenic Lauca National Park. In addition, the National Monument Pucará de Copaquilla is a short distance away.

  • Arica

    The pace of Arica is simply delightful. It’s warm and sunny year-round, there’s a cool pedestrian mall to flip-flop around come sunset and decent brown-sugar beaches are just a short walk from the town center.

    Top this off with some kick-ass surf breaks and a cool cliff-top War of the Pacific battlefield at El Morro, and you may just stay another day or two before you head up to nearby Parque Nacional Lauca or take an afternoon off from ‘beach duty’ to visit the Azapa Valley, home to some of the world’s oldest known mummies.

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