Destination guide: Tucuman, Argentina

Tucuman is the fourth largest city in Argentina and, due to its sustained growth, has been able to exploit several tourist attractions in the area, earning it the nickname "the Garden of the Republic".

Take advantage of our flights to Tucuman and visit the House of Independence, the Government Palace, the San Martin Theatre, Independence Square and the 9 de Julio Park. Visit the Quilmes and Jesuit ruins, the Monument to the Indian and the famous La Angostura damn, as well as many others.

  • Tucuman

    With nigh on all three-quarters of a million souls in its greater urban area, Tucumán, the cradle of Argentine independence, is the nation’s fifth-largest city and feels like it, Tucumán really rewards time spent getting to know it. at night, the fumes and heat of the day have lulled, and the cafes and bars come to life.
    Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán is its full name) is baking hot and energetic , with a blue-collar feel and a down-to-earth quality. It also has a lively cultural scene, and its stylish cafe-bars, great bookstores, art exhibitions and traditional peñas make its serene neighbors seem a bit provincial.

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