Destination guide: Salta, Argentina

Salta is one of the most important cities in Argentina and a destination without comparison in the country. From its northern location, it has created for itself a notable niche in tourism, with outstanding attractions such as prehistoric ruins, cave paintings, Argentine dinosaur footprints and rock carvings, as well as the famous Train to the Clouds, which reaches a height of 4,200 meters.

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  • Salta

    Sophisticated Salta is a favorite of many travelers, smoothing ruffled psyches with its profusion of services, engaging active minds with its outstanding museums, and lighting romantic candles with its plaza-side cafes and the live música folklórica of its popular peñas. It offers the facilities of a large town, retains the comfortable vibe of a smaller place and preserves more colonial architecture.

    It’s the most touristed spot in northwest Argentina, and has numerous accommodation options. The center bristles with travel and tour agents: this is the place to get things organized for onward travel.

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