Destination guide: Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Rio Gallegos is the southernmost city in continental Argentina, with beautiful river valleys, with many wool-producing Patagonian sheep, making up its landscape. Tourists will be pleasantly surprised by its history of railroads and the wealth of culture that keeps the memory of the native Tehuelche tribe alive.

Fly to Rio Gallegos and be amazed by the dinosaur fossils, the lighthouse and the Cabo Virgenes penguin colony, as well as the famous Blue Lagoon in the crater of a dormant volcano.

  • Rio Gallegos- Things to do


    Museo Provincial Padre Jesús Molina

    Satiate your appetite for dinosaur dioramas and modern art at Museo Provincial Padre Jesús Molina, offering exhibits on anthropology, paleontology, geology and fine arts. The Tehuelche ethnology exhibit includes fascinating photographs and local history.

    Latitud: -24.1834200000000 Longitude: -65.3031387329102
    Telephone number: +54 388 422 1315
    Sub-Type: Museum
    Opening Hours: 9am-8pm Mon-Fri, 3-8pm Sat
    Pricing: Admission free
    Address: Av. San Martín & Ramón y Cajal

    Museo Historico Provincial

    During Argentina’s civil wars, a bullet pierced the imposing wooden door of this colonial house, killing General Juan Lavalle, a hero of the wars of independence. The story of Lavalle unfolds in Museo Histórico Provincial. There is also religious and colonial art, as well as exhibits on the independence era, the evacuation of Jujuy and 19th-century fashion. There are some English labels, and guides on hand to answer questions.

     Latitud: -24.1861400000000 Longitude: -65.3029632568359
    Telephone number: +54 388 422 1355
    Sub-Type: Museum
    Opening Hours: 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm & 4-8pm Sat & Sun
    Pricing: Admission AR$2
    Address: Lavalle 256o

    Museo de Arte Eduardo Minnicelli

    With a mission to educate through art, Museo de Arte Eduardo Minnicelli shows rotating exhibits from larger museums and paintings by Santa Cruz artists. It is also a good spot to get news on local cultural gatherings.

    Latitude: -51.6240800000000 /Longitude: -69.2172200000000
    Opening Hours: 8:30am-7pm Tue-Fri, 2-6pm Sat & Sun
    Pricing: Admission free
    Address: Maipú 13