Destination guide: Bariloche, Argentina

800 meters above sea level and in the middle of the Argentine south, the city of Bariloche has several interesting tourist attractions and is situated in the middle of native forests, mountains, lakes and marvelous ecological reserves. 

Purchase your flights to Bariloche and enjoy the best in cuisine and outdoor sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, excursions, windsurfing and paragliding, as well as many other activities.

  • Bariloche - Things to do


    Cavernas del Viejo Volcán

    Cavernas del Viejo Volcán is a cave complex, 15km east of Bariloche, which was inhabited for nearly 8000 years by the Mapuche and other tribes. Parts of the cave feature reasonably well-preserved rock-art specimens. A guided tour is compulsory, and takes you 130m into Cerro Leones then out onto the summit where there is a lookout with majestic views of the surrounding countryside. It is possible (but not a whole lot cheaper) to make your own way there on public transport. Either way, reservations are essential – contact the Bariloche office for more information.

    Sub-Type: Cave
    Telephone number: +54 2944 529909
    Opening Hours: tours 11:30am, 1:30pm & 3pm
    Pricing: with/without transport AR$60/46
    Address: Villegas 246, Bariloche
    Extras: 1st fl

    Monte Tronador

    To the west, a ridge of high peaks separates Argentina from Chile; the tallest is 3554m (11,627ft) Monte Tronador, an extinct volcano that still lives up to its name (which means 'Thunderer') when blocks of ice tumble from its glaciers. During the summer months, wildflowers blanket the alpine meadows. Climbers intending to scale Tronador should anticipate a three- to four-day technical climb requiring experience on rock, snow and ice.

    Sub-Type: Montain
    Address: Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

    Museo de la Patagonia

    The Museo de la Patagonia is filled with archaeological and ethnographic materials, lifelike stuffed animals and enlightening historical evaluations on such topics as Mapuche resistance to the Conquest of the Desert. .

    Latitude: -41.1334200000000 /Longitude: -71.3104100000000
    Sub-Type: Museum
    Opening Hours: 10am-12:30pm & 2-5pm Tue-Fri, 10am-6pm Sat
    Pricing: admission by donation
    Address: Centro Cívico

    Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

    One of Argentina's most visited national parks, Nahuel Huapi occupies 750,000 hectares (1,853,290 acres) in the mountainous southwestern Neuquén and western Río Negro provinces. The park's centerpiece is Lago Nahuel Huapi, a glacial remnant over 100km (62mi) long that covers more than 500 sq km (193 sq mi). The lake is the source of the Río Limay, a major tributary of the Río Negro. Rafting and kayaking on the Río Limay has become increasingly popular in recent years. The best time to be on the rivers is November through February, though you can raft October through Easter.

    Latitude: -41.1347500000000 / Longitude: -71.310600000000
    Sub-Type: Outdoors
    Telephone Number: +54 2944 423 111
    Opening Hours: national park office: Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-15:00
    Address: Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

    Volcán Lanín

    Dominating the view in all directions along the Chilean border, the snowcapped cone of 3776m (12,388ft) Volcán Lanín is the centerpiece of Parque Nacional Lanín, which extends 150km (93mi) from Parque Nacional Nahuel Haupi in the south to Lago Ñorquinco in the north. The northern approach to Volcán Lanín, which straddles the Argentine-Chilean border, is the shortest, and usually the earliest in the season to open for hikers and climbers. Before climbing Lanín, ask permission at the Lanín National Park office or, if necessary, from the Gendarmería (border guards) in Junín. It's obligatory to show equipment, including plastic tools, crampons, ice axe and clothing - including sunglasses, sunblock, gloves, hats and padded jackets. There's also trekking opportunities across the volcano such as the Huechulafquen trail.

    Sub-Type: Volcano
    Address: Parque Nacional Lanín
    Extras: enter from Tromen pass along Argentine-Chilean border
    TransportationType: car / Details: 4WD


    Días de Zapata

    A warm and inviting little Mexican restaurant. Dishes tend more toward the Tex Mex than you would think (the owners hail from Mexico City) but the flavors are good and the servings generous.

    Latitude: -41.1350000000000 / Longitude:-71.3097076416016
    Sub-Type: Mexican
    Telephone Number: +54 2944 423128
    Opening Hours: lunch & dinner
    Pricing: mains AR$30-50
    Price Range: High
    Address: Morales 362

    El Boliche de Alberto

    It’s worth dining at this esteemed parrilla simply to see the astonished look on tourists’ faces when a slab of beef the size of a football lands on the table; it’s the AR$46 bife de chorizo (the AR$35 portion is plenty). If the place is full, check out the nearby sister restaurants at Elfein 49 and 158.

    Latitude: -41.1353000000000 / Longitude:-71.3075800000000
    Sub-Type: Steakhouse
    Telephone Number: +54 2944 431433
    Opening Hours: lunch & dinner
    Pricing: mains AR$35-50
    Price Range: High
    Address: Villegas 347

    Helados Jauja

    Ask anyone in town who serves the best ice cream in Bariloche and they’ll reply with one word: ‘Jauja.’ Many say it’s the best in the country.

    Sub-Type: Desserts
    Pricing: ice cream AR$3-7
    Price Range: Low
    Address: Perito Moreno 14


    Av Arístides Villanueva

    For a great night on the town, walk down Av Arístides Villanueva, where it's bar after bar; in summer, entire blocks fill with tables and people enjoying the night.

    Latitude: -41.1353200000000 / Longitude:-71.3116700000000
    Sub-Type: Pub
    Address: Juramento s/n, Town Center

    Tio Lillo

    A laid-back little corner bar serving a good range of local microbrewery beers at excellent prices. The music's cool, service, uh, laid-back, and the decor eclectic.

    Type: Night
    Sub-Type: Bar
    Address: cnr Juramento & 20 de Febrero, Town Center

    Cruz Bar

    A laid-back little corner bar serving a good range of local microbrewery beers at excellent prices. The music’s cool and the decor eclectic. Live DJs play on weekends.

    Latitude: -41.1352160000000 / Longitude:-71.3109460000000
    Sub-Type: Drink
    Address: cnr Juramento & 20 de Febrero

    Events Overview

    For 10 days in August, Bariloche holds its Fiesta Nacional de la Nieve (National Snow Festival). In January and February the Festival de Música de Verano (Summer Music Festival) puts on several different events, including the Festival de Música de Cámara (Chamber Music Festival), the Festival de Bronces (Brass Festival) and the Festival de Música Antigua (Ancient Music Festival). On May 3 is the Fiesta Nacional de la Rosa Mosqueta, celebrating the fruit of the wild shrub used in many regional delicacies.