Clases de Servicio LANWorking For The Environment

In LAN we protect the environment in all our processes, managing and minimizing the impact of our operations and promoting responsible behavior within our company and among those we work with.

Fuel Consumption and Management

Efficient fuel use is a fundamental concern for LAN, so we have taken meaningful measures for addressing this issue. Based on the ideas put forward by our collaborators in different areas, we have implemented a novel project whose purpose is to optimize this important resource, substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our operations. In 2010 we managed to save 418,716 gigajoules of energy, equivalent to 23,000 tons of CO2e. Some other measures implemented in 2010 were: optimization of the use of cargo space; increase in the number of continuous descents; greater efficiency in flight scheduling and dispatch in terms of height, meteorology and the flight route, among other measures.