• Discover the wild landscape of Ushuaia in Argentina: the southernmost city in the world

    Ushuaia is one of the last hidden corners of Argentina and really stands out as being among the wildest places in Patagonia. If Ushuaia has a claim to fame, it is because it is the southernmost city in the world. It belongs to the Tierra del Fuego region and its almost unexplored landscapes will amaze you.

    The Europeans reached Ushuaia in the 16th century. The culture clash between the inhabitants and the explorers led to conflict and resulted in all kinds of speculation about the sinking of ships as well as legends, fantastic tales and battles.

    If you decide to visit Ushuaia, one of the must-see visits is the Tierra de Fuego National Park. The reserve brings together coastline, mountains and forests, showing off its biological richness. You can take a sailing boat trip around Cape Horn or in the Strait of Magellan, observe penguins as you could never have imagined in Beagle Channel, or be amazed with the famous fjord in Lapataia Bay. You could add the finishing touch to your trip with a visit to Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, known as the Lighthouse at the End of the World.

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    There is an almost infinite range of activities for keen sportspeople. We recommend hiking and cycling trips through the spectacular natural landscapes, dives in extreme water conditions, sports fishing and canoe and kayak excursions. If you love snow, then you are in luck because Ushuaia is place with the longest snow season in all of South America. You can even play golf on ice! The average temperature is between 5 and 6 degrees.

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    You can reach Ushuaia with a direct flight from Buenos Aires. Embark on a journey where the final destination is the end of the world and take home the memory of endless adventures.

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