• The Island of San Andrés, a tourism attraction

    The Island of San Andrés is located on the Colombian archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, some 775 kilometres off the Colombian coast.  Its approximately 26 square kilometres are a complete oasis of white sandy beaches and blue sea where it is possible to go diving and do water sports. 

    Scuba diving in San Andrés Island, Colombia

    The area enjoys a great climate throughout the entire year, with temperatures ranging between 26 and 29 degrees. This weather, along with the island’s keys, make San Andrés a true paradise. You can access it by a small boat at Sucre islet, also known as Johnny Cay, where you will find one of the best beaches. Or, you can head to Acuario Cay, a spot that takes its name from the abundance of fish living in its waters. Other main islets are: Santander, Rocoso and Córdoba. Bahía Sardina is found on the main island, and its turquoise will captivate you. 

    The biodiversity of San Andrés, a World Biosphere Reserve, is really accentuated in the Old Point Mangle Regional Park, with its mangroves that are inhabited by different reptiles and crustaceans. Another key nature spot is the Big Pond freshwater lagoon, found right at the heart of the island, where you can find iguanas, turtles, and exotic birds.

    Reptile in San Andrés Island, Colombia

    In San Andrés there are lots of experiences that you cannot afford to miss out on. These include feeling like an adventurer in search of lost treasure in Pirate Morgan’s Cave, being overwhelmed by the spectacle of the Blow Hole, a natural opening surrounded by coral reefs and underground tunnels that spits out water. Or, you could get a photograph taken with Morgan’s Head, a great round rock that resembles the face of the legendary corsair.

    Blowing Hole, San Andrés Island

    You can also visit the neighbourhood of La Loma, where you will find colonial style buildings, or that of San Luis, home to lots of hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine such as seafood, rice, coconut, cassava and yam. If you are sweet-toothed, then you must not miss out on the chance to taste the island’s typical dessert, squash cake. 

    You can fly directly to San Andrés from Bogotá and discover the sea of seven colours!