• Discover the Rio Carnival

    The Rio Carnival is considered to be “the world’s biggest outdoor party”. Carnivals are held in many places but nowhere else do they achieve the popularity they enjoy in this country, where they have become one of the most significant and surprising events in all of South America. Would you want to miss out on that?

    Celebrations vary depending on the region of the country. Up north in the cities of Salvador de Bahía, Olinda and Recife, people parade through the streets and the public joins in with the party directly. The trío eléctrico carnival lorries equipped with high power sound systems and musical acts pass through the streets followed by a throng of people that dance and sing to the rhythm of axé, frevo, maracatú and other musical genres that are characteristic of these cities. 

    However, without a doubt the most well-known and popular carnival is the Río de Janeiro Carnival, considered by many to be the best in the world. Thousands of people from all over the planet flood into the city to enjoy this marvellous and fascinating spectacle. 

    Parade in the sambadrome

    The Río Sambodrome, designed by the well-known Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, is the complex through which the main parade passes. Samba schools rehearse their songs, dances and prepare their allegorical floats during the preceding months so that everything is staged perfectly. When Carnival season arrives, 40 days before Easter, the performers are all ready to don their magnificent fantasy costumes and take to the sambodrome with their unbelievable sense of rhythm and choreographed moves, filling the space with colour, fun and joy.

    São Paulo, also has its own sambodrome, known as the Sambodrome do Anhembi. Just like in Río, the best samba schools in São Paulo meet at this space to compete in the hope of winning the prize.

    Samba school

    If you are thinking of going to enjoy this fantastic experience with a trip to the sambodrome in Rio or the one in São Paulo, we would advise you to purchase your tickets in advance. Also, you can get all of your costume items there and participate in the carnival with whatever samba school you choose: it is a real experience that you cannot miss out on!

    In any case, there are other ways of enjoying this great party. Over the last few years, the “carnival de rua”, or street carnival has become very fashionable in São Paulo and Río. Its musical groups named “blocos”, lead thousands of people through the streets to the rhythm of samba.

    Discover the Rio Carnival with LAN and TAM Airlines and enjoy this fascinating party packed with magic and fun!