• Quito, the most authentic Latin American capital

    Ecuador’s name originates from the fact that parallel zero crosses the country, however you may not know that the 0º 0' 0″ point of latitude makes Quito, its capital, the middle of the world city. This is only one of the appeals of a spectacular city located next to the Pichincha, Anitzana, Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes, and awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 1978.

    Volcán Cayambe, Quito

    Quito is full of attractions to visit as it is home to the largest and best conserved historical centre in Latin America. There you will find the Church and Convent of San Francisco, whose size has earned it the nickname, “the Escorial of the New World”. Also, you cannot afford to miss out on the Basilica of the National Vow, located atop a hill. You should also visit Independence Square, more commonly referred to as Plaza Grande, in the heart of the city where you can find a mixture of colonial and contemporary architecture. In the surrounding area you can enjoy the best of Quito’s gastronomy, with dishes such as braised goat stew, cow feet soup and locro de papas (a potato and cheese soup). La Ronda is the street of artists and bohemians par excellence, however if you hope to buy souvenirs, we recommend a visit to La Mariscal craft market. With around one hundred stalls, you can find anything you want there. 

    Mercado La Mariscal, Quito

    The Middle of the World city is a must-visit attraction, the monument marks the geographic meeting point of the northern and southern hemispheres. It is customary to have a photo taken with one foot in each hemisphere, on the line marking the division between them.

    Mitad del Mundo, Quito

    Although Quito enjoys a mild mountain climate throughout the year, with temperatures of around 16ºC, most visitors take advantage of the dry season, between June and September. Hesitate no longer and let yourself be carried away by the Middle of the World City! 

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