• Discover Punta Arenas, a paradise in Tierra del Fuego

    If you are thinking about a trip to the end of the world, Punta Arenas is the perfect destination. This far-off place is characterised by extremely beautiful landscapes and a moderately cold climate, with snowfall in winter and temperatures of around 15 degrees in summer.

    Punta Arenas is the most populous city in Chilean Patagonia, mainly thanks to the fact that it is a custom-free zone, with no taxes, which makes it possible to have a high quality of life, and lots of commercial, economic and cultural development. One of the great attractions in the city is the Municipal Cemetery of Punta Arenas, also known as the Sara Braun Cemetery, considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. It acquired National Monument status is 2012. 

    Cementery of Punta Arenas (Sara Braun)

    The area around the city is even more impressive, which makes Punta Arenas the perfect base camp for going on excursions. Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine are among the must-visit destinations. For those that love seabirds, Magdalena Island is the place to go. Located 35 kilometres from Punta Arenas, it is a natural reserve where you will find one of Chile’s largest penguin colonies, as well as sea lions and cormorants. 

    Ashy-Headed Goose

    Another must-visit place is Cape Horn or the End of the World, considered the southernmost point of America and the “Everest” of the sailing world, due to navigation problems and the vast number of icebergs. Discover the area that famous people such as Darwin, Francis Drake and Fernando de Magallanes all sailed in. 

    Cape Horn