• The Nazca Lines

    The Nazca Lines are another of Peru's wonders. They are a great archaeological complex and studies on them and their origins continue to create numerous academic debates even today. In 1994 they were named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

    The Nazca Lines are found in the Peruvian desert of the same name, in a site located between the towns of Nazca and Palpa. They consist of large pictorial representations made on the desert surface by the ancient Nazca civilization. Among the figures, you can see geometric, vegetable, anthropomorphic and animal drawings.

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    The animal figures are the most popular. There are hummingbirds, herons, pelicans, monkeys, spiders, snakes and iguanas that have been perfectly marked out on the smooth surface. You will be surprised by how precise the drawings are, and this demonstrates the incredible technique used to create them. This precision has made people link the Nazca Lines to visitors from other worlds. For many, they are another form of proof that humanity was visited by extra-terrestrial beings during ancient times.One of the best ways to appreciate the size of the figures is by flying over them in a light aircraft. You can also use any of the five vantage points located on the hillsides that allow you to enjoy good panoramic views taking in all of the images.

    The Nazca Lines- LAN Airlines

    If you want to visit the Nazca Lines, one of the easiest ways to get there is by bus. There are regular buses to the area from the cities of Lima, Cuzco and Arequipa. The area has a warm and stable climate throughout the year, although it is always recommended to travel during the cooler months.

    So now you know, if you are thinking of visiting Peru, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to discover the Nazca Lines, one of the planets greatest archaeological treasures.

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