• The Moai statues and the mystery of Easter Island

    Easter Island also known as Rapa Nui, Eyes looking to the sky or the Navel of the World, is famous throughout the world for its more than 900 Moai, impressive statues each carved from a single rock that are still a mystery even today.

    The American film Rapa Nui was made as a result of the fascination this island rouses. It recreates the atmosphere on the island and the lifestyle of the tribes who lived there, as well as the carving and transportation of the statues. 

    Moais at the beach- LAN Ailrines

    However, if you want to enjoy a unique experience on Easter Island, you cannot afford to miss out on Tapati Rapa. This celebration will offer you first-hand experience of the ancient culture that enshrouds the island. At the celebration, which takes place during the first ten days of February, you can witness the construction of unique boats from the island, enjoy different competitions that are organised or help to make typical island costume. 

    Tapati Rapa- LAN Airlines

    Due to the fact that the island is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the best form of transport is plane from Santiago de Chile. The airport on Easter Island is officially the most remote airport in the world and only LAN Airlines fly there. Well, LAN…and NASA, who also use it an emergency landing strip for space shuttles. Imagine what the ancient inhabitants of Easter Island would think, watching astronauts descend from the sky!

    Moai in the night- LAN Airlines

    The island also stands out for its unique plants and wildlife, such as toromiro, gannets, lobster and small reptiles with exotic names. In short, you will find every aspect of the place endlessly fascinating. Come and discover some of the magic.

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