• Lake Titicaca

    The famous Lake Titicaca is found in the Central Andes, between Bolivia and Peru. The lake is formed by more than 25 rivers that flow into it, and is located at an altitude of 3,812 metres.
    It covers an area of 8.562 square kilometres. 

    One of the main charms of Lake Titicaca are the indigenous tribes that live in the surrounding area, these people are the authentic guardians of Inca culture. They believe the lake is a deity that must be venerated, and sailing on totora reed canoes across the lake, you will be able to discover lots of myths about the origin of the lake, ancient cities under the water and an endless number of rituals linked to the lake.

    Raft of totora on Lake Titicaca- LAN Airlines

    In addition to these beautiful traditions, at Lake Titicaca you will find numerous attractions, among which the floating island of the Uros people is really worth mentioning. In ancient times, the Uros lived on the banks of the lake. However, when the Spanish landed, they decided to move to the middle of the lake, and build their settlements there using totora plants, a type of floating reed that is found around the lake. Another essential visit is the island of Amantani, that is divided up into little population centres, and mainly focused on agriculture. Its inhabitants are always willing to let you stay in their homes. Lastly, you cannot leave without seeing the island of Taquile, famous for its great quality fabrics and dotted with vantage points from which you can get some of the best views over Lake Titicaca. 

    Lake Titicaca- LAN Airlines

    You can fly to Juliaca and go from there to the city of Puno, where you can set up an excursion base. The period from May to October is the warmest time of the year and has more stable temperatures. The average temperature does not surpass 25 degrees centigrade, however at night temperatures can drop to 0 degrees. 

    Come to Lake Titicaca and get a feel for the place with your own eyes.