• Iguazú Falls, a spectacle of nature

    Argentina has destinations that provide unforgettable experiences. One such place is the Iguazú National Park, located in the Province of Misiones. The Iguazú Falls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one the New Wonders of Nature thanks to their enormous biodiversity and rich array of nature and landscapes that will enthral you.

    The site is a meeting point between border countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, and has 275 separate waterfalls located 17 kilometres from the mouth of the Iguazú River. You can visit throughout the year, and the period from March to May is when temperatures are mildest. The easiest way of getting there is by flying directly to Puerto Iguazú from Buenos Aires or Sao Paulo. 

    Devil's Throat- Iguazu- LAN Airlines

    The best views are found on the impressive walks, and you can choose between various circuits with different routes and times. The Upper Circuit takes around one hour and fifteen minutes and offers an impressive panoramic view over some of the main falls such as Dos Hermanas, Chico, Bossetti and Ramírez. If you choose the Lower Circuit, you can lose yourself in the luxuriance of the rainforest and be overwhelmed by the crashing water of the most iconic waterfalls. The walkways on this route allow you to go around the edge of the Iguazú River and head to the amazing Devil’s Throat

    Green Trail- Iguazu- LAN Ailrines

    The Green Path takes half an hour and is very accessible, it provides a walking route through the subtropical rainforest allowing you to discover the area’s plants and animals. The park contains part of the Alto Paraná Atlantic Forest. It is comprised of a lush rainforest where you will be amazed by the flora, such as rose wood, liana, ferns, palm heart and guatambu woods, as well as a very rich and varied range of wildlife.

    Experience a thrilling adventure by heading into the sub-tropical rainforest and contemplating the wild fury of the water. 

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