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  • Discover the flights to Chile offered by LAN Airlines and purchase your plane tickets here easily. LAN provides you with a range of flights on a daily basis so that you can always find the best flight to meet your requirements.

    Fly to Santiago de Chile, Calama, Easter Island, Puerto Montt and ten more destinations in the country.

    Chile is the longest country in the world and is spread over three continents: America, Oceania, and Antarctica. This peculiarity makes Chile a place of geographical as well as meteorological extremes.

    Travel to the north and discover the Atacama Desert, considered to be the driest place on earth. Go to the centre of the country and discover the landscapes there, the country's capital Santiago de Chile or its fruitful wine producing valleys. Let yourself fall under the spell of Easter Island and learn about the mystery of "the navel of the world".

    In the south, you can enjoy the natural landscapes that combines adventure in rivers, volcanoes and lakes. Be dazzled by the exuberant natural settings of Torres del Paine, discover the amazing landscapes of La Pampa in Tierra de Fuego or sail between majestic glaciers towards Antarctica.

    Choose your flight to Chile with LAN Airlines and enjoy the comfort of their planes and exceptional in-flight service. You will have access to the best music, series and films to help you enjoy your flight right from the outset. The excellent LAN Airlines crew members will ensure your flight is an unforgettable experience.

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