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  • Sao Paulo has a population of eleven million inhabitants and along with its metropolitan area (districts surrounding the city), it has more than twenty-one million residents, making it the largest city in Brazil and one of the world’s most populated cities.

    The city of Sao Paulo has a population of more than eleven million inhabitants and on an economic and financial level it is the most important city in the country. This is why important airlines such as LAN and TAM have provided users with London to Sao Paulo flights in order to cover one of the routes that is of most interest to customers. 

    Paulista Avenue, is one of the most important avenues in the city and a key tourist attraction. You will find lots of bars and restaurants around here where you can get some first-hand experience of the city’s authentic night life. It is also home to the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, whose singularity resides in its innovative structure. 

    For people who love a little retail therapy, Sao Paulo has several shopping centres. However, you can also head to the Jardins District or Calle Oscar Freire where you can find the most exclusive fashion boutiques. 

    The centre of Sao Paulo, has an endless number of tourist attractions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral or Catedral da Sé, considered to be one of the largest gothic churches in the world. You could also visit the Art Gallery of the State of Sao Paulo, Luz Station, Julio Prestes Station, the Copan Building or the Municipal Theatre. All of these sites are incredibly beautiful and will allow you to get a glimpse of this city’s rich culture.

    The Sao Paulo Municipal Market is an essential stop if you visit Sao Paulo. It houses a large amount of stands that are used to sell exotic fruits, traditional products from the area, and products that come from other regions in the country. For the city’s locals, this is a place to meet up and spend a pleasant afternoon.

    Ibirapuera Park is the city’s true heart and an authentic oasis of tranquillity in a city where the hustle and bustle of daily life is exhausting. The park has magnificent vegetation and stunning lakes, making it a real paradise in the middle of the city. Ibirapuera Park has some architectural features that attract thousands of tourists every year such as the Japanese Pavilion, the Obelisk of Sao Paulo, a statue of Pedro Alvarez Cabral (considered to be the discoverer of Brazil) and the Oca Exhibition Pavilion.

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    With more than 115 different destinations, LAN and TAM Airlines make some of the key locations available through the city’s 3 airports, making it the departure point for you to explore Brazil and enjoy the magic of this great country.

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