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  • LAN Airlines is offering flights from London to Santiago de Chile, a route that has allowed it to consolidate its place among the favourite airlines for trips to this destination. Santiago de Chile is now one of the best cities in Latin America in terms of living and investments, and this has made it a real attraction over the last few years, resulting in one of the most prosperous economies of recent times.

    With a population of more than 5 million inhabitants, Santiago de Chile is located in a plain known as the Santiago basin, and is delimited by the Andes Mountain Range, as well as other mountain systems. 

    It stands out for its rich history and innumerable monuments that paint a living image of the country in the modern day. La Moneda Palace known colloquially as moneda is located in the centre of Santiago. The building was originally built to house the country’s mint, although it is currently the site of Chile’s presidential offices, and also houses another series of institutions such as: The Ministry of the Interior and Public Safety, General Secretariat of the Government…etc. 

    Plaza de Armas is classed as a site of cultural interest, when first built, it was used to hold the main administrative buildings during the colonial period. However, the current reality could not be more different. It is now used as a gathering place for Chilean society as well as those who come to visit the country, making it an essential place to visit if you travel to Chile.

    For poetry lovers, the House of Pablo Neruda is a place of pilgrimage. It is the home where he spent the last years of his life, and it is now a museum that looks at both the professional and personal trajectory of one of the most influential Chilean artists of the 20th century.

    San Cristóbal Hill is the city’s real lung thanks to its abundant vegetation, it is the city’s second highest point which makes it the perfect place to have an unbeatable panoramic view over the city. San Cristóbal Hill is also considered to be one of the largest urban parks in the world and consequently it is an ideal place for people who love nature and sport.

    Mercado central (Central Market) is the perfect spot to enjoy a mixture of tastes and traditions, it has a large number of places where you can sample the country’s most typical food, as well as an environment where tradition is the main guardian to help you discover the origin of Chile’s gastronomy and the most typical products of this incredible country. 

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    With more than 115 different destinations, LAN Airlines offers the possibility to choose among the main routes to Chile that are offered by the company, such as Calama, Punta Arenas, and Easter Island.
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