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  • Quito is located in the Guayllabamba river basin on the Eastern slopes of the Pichincha volcano, on the western side of the Andes. With more than two million inhabitants, over the years the city has turned into the country’s financial and political centre. The city is home to some of the most important governmental bodies, as well as important institutions and the private headquarters of some of the most well-known global companies.

    Due to its important historical heritage, Quito was named a World Cultural Heritage Site, and this has enabled it to become a place of touristic interest for anyone who loves the history and culture of pre-Colombian civilisations. Therefore, when faced with the need to connect with a country as important as Ecuador, many companies including LAN Airlines now offer London to Quito flights.

    Independence Square is one of the most well-known sites in Quito and a gathering place for quiteños (the Spanish word for the city’s inhabitants). From the plaza, you can see some of the most iconic buildings such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace and Carondelet Palace; the latter is currently the seat of government in Ecuador. Looking at the architectural design of these building you can build an understanding of the rich heritage that this incredible and fascinating city possesses and just how important it is to preserve it. 

    Metropolitan Cathedral, is the main place of worship for the city’s inhabitants and it also houses one of the most important collections of colonial era art, among which the Holy Shroud and the Denial of St Pete really stand out, making it an unmissable visit is you go to Quito.

    The Middle of the World City; in case you did not know, Quito is located at a latitude of 0-0’-0’’ which makes it even more special. At that point of latitude you can find an important tourist site relating to the monument that was erected as a sign of gratitude for a mission carried out in 1700. The purpose of that mission was to check the shape of the earth and find the point where the equinoctial line divides the planet between North and South.

    Mindalae Museum; if Ecuador, and more specifically Quito is famous for something, it is for possessing one of the most globally renowned craftwork sectors. In this museum you will find a great exhibition about the origins of craftwork in the country as well as a journey through the cultures of the different civilizations that have inhabited the country. 

    Central Market is the perfect place to discover the country’s true gastronomic diversity, its most famous dishes are cow feet soup, hornado, a roasted pig dish and locro de papa, a cheese and potato soup. These unique dishes have become a real delicacy for people who love good cuisine. 

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