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  • Easter Island belongs to Chile and is located in Polynesia. Its natural surroundings and culture have turned it into Chile’s primary tourism destination. The island is also known as Rapa Nui, the original name of the ethnic group that inhabited it. 

    Currently, LAN and TAM Airlines is the only airline company to offer flights to Easter Island with a connection in Santiago de Chile, and on a daily basis, using the island’s only airport: Mataveri International Airport. 

    Curiously, due to its strategic location, this airport has an emergency runway for space shuttles to land on, and for many years it was used as a NASA tracking station.

    Rapa Nui National Park was given World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 1995. It is home to the well-known “Moai”, enormous stone sculptures that make it a truly unique place. The site is now being studied by experts as they aim to get a deeper knowledge of the secrets of this incredible civilization. It is worth stressing that Easter Island has an important archaeological legacy, and it does not only revolve around the “Moai”. There are also important settlements such as living quarters, crop areas, temples and altars, which provide us with a glimpse into the lifestyle and beliefs of this civilisation.

    Tapati, is one of the most important festivals held on Easter Island. What was first a festival among the inhabitants of the island itself, has now become a means of enabling people to discover the culture of the Rapa Nui tribe.

    Lastly, the Island has a warm climate throughout the year, characteristic of the Oceanic Islands, and this encourages tropical crops. 

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