• The Festival of Flowers, a beautiful tradition full of colour and joy

    If there is somewhere in the world where colour, joy and beauty invade the streets each year and fill them with life and lights, that place is Ambato, the capital of Tungurahua province in Ecuador. During its emblematic Festival of Fruit and Flowers, locals and visitors enjoy a wide range of events filled with magic, colour and the fragrance of flowers.

    Flower Festival of Ambato

    The festival’s origins date back to the terrible earthquake that took place in the region on 5 August 1949 and caused the economy to collapse. In order to kick-start it again following the tough blow, members of the Cantonal Agricultural College decided to organise a flower fair, it is now one of the most colourful and beautiful in the entire country. So, during the first few months of the year, locals from Ambato show great enthusiasm and joy as they celebrate the great wealth of gifts that nature blesses them with every year with all kinds of fruits and flowers. They event is one of their most important and magnificent symbols of identity. It is a source of pride and national solidarity, and was declared a National Celebration in 1962.

    Some of the activities that you cannot afford to miss out on during this really important time of year in Ambato include the Confraternity Parade, a much anticipated event that represents the contest between competing groups and the Blessing Procession for bread and fruit. This is one of the most exciting and eagerly awaited moments, celebrating the goodness of work in the fields and the fruits of the land.

    The Festival of Flowers

    The Festival of Fruit and Flowers is a tribute to life, a celebration filled with colour, rich aromas and magical sounds that will fascinate you. Come and experience the magic of a place that dances to the sound of nature.

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