• Cotopaxi, a breathtaking place

     The National Park of Cotopaxi is situated between the provinces of Pichincha and Cotopaxi. Its imposing active volcano, located at more than 5,800 metres is an attraction for those that love nature and sport. 

    Also, if you like riding bikes then you are in for a real treat! There are many routes you can take, especially between July and December. They range from pleasant rides through the Natural Park to the tough Cotpaxi Tour, which brings together brave cyclists each year that aim to pit their strength against the powerful mountain. The ascent to Cotopaxi Refuge is a spectacular excursion, with a kilometre and a half of elevation. Quilotoa lagoon, formed in the crater of a volcano, the Limpiopungo lagoon and the enchanted Yambo lagoon are some of the must-see spots. The immense cultural and artistic wealth of the area is evident in the ruins of the citadel of the indigenous Purúhar people.


    You will be amazed at the nature of this area where llamas, pumas, spectacled bears, Andean toucans and spectacular condors all coexist, along with many other species. The Andean forest makes life possible for cypresses, firs, ash trees, and above all, pines, which ensure it is unique on the continent.


    The most typical dishes include corn tortillas, and some of the most representative are those from Latacunga, created with a corn flour base, butter, cheese and onion. You can also taste the famous achira (Andean tuber) leaf cheese or Chugchucaras, with pork, potatoes and bananas, or delicious Allullas with wheat flour.

    Head to Cotopaxi to see the impressive volcano. Climb up the hig Andean peaks and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

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